At St. Paul we recognize that every child learns differently. The small-sized classrooms are advantageous to our school children. It allows them to thrive through differentiation and learning according to one's own needs.

At St. Paul we take the approach that every learner has the opportunity to learn in his or her own classroom. We are proud to have a Learning Consultant on staff five days a week.   The role of our Learning Consultant is to help teachers and children succeed at both ends of the spectrum; meaning, assisting those that need additional support to succeed and those that need more of a challenge to go beyond the classroom norm. Our Learning Consultant "pushes into " classrooms working with the child in a regular education setting and also meets with children in small groups or individually depending on their individual need. One of the most important roles of our Learning Consultant is to aide the teachers to understand that every child learns differently and to supply the teachers with the techniques and best practices for successful learners.  

Our goal is for administration, faculty, and staff to work with families to accommodate the needs of our students. It is also our goal to make sure that the children recognize in each other that God made each one of us differently and that we are to be accepting of his creation and supportive of each other's strengths and weaknesses. We create a culture of acceptance and a community of Love.

Children strive when confident and supported. Our hope is that through educating our families, empowering our teachers and supporting our students we will help children soar through the 21st century with the skills necessary to succeed with a Christ-like compassion for the differences in each other.