4th Grade

4th Grade Fun Adventures

4th Grade --- Sister Carol Jean Hecht, SSND

4th grade is filled with many new skills and many review skills.  We review alot with games and fun things to do as a class and as individuals.  Listed below are a few of our curriculum skills that we work on through out the school year.  

Religion:  We have the Blest Are We Religion series for Catholic Schools.  Unit 2 title is Jesus is the Son of God.  We learn about Jesus and how he is the image of God, the Baptism of Jesus,the Ten Commandments and the 8 Beatitudes.  This is a summary of our second unit. 

Language Arts:  We have the Journeys series for our reading, spelling and grammar.  Unit 3 teaches us about many of the natural disasters that happen in our world like a hurricane.  The students learn much information about the particular disaster and how to keep safe.  I, as the teacher, also add internet items and other papers of learning.  Our spelling words usually have a pattern to them which helps the students learn the words for the particular week.  Grammar is taught with the story for the week.  I also use the Voyages in English book for extra practice.  We also do some novels that we read as a class.  There are many skills that are included with the reading of the novel.

Math:  We have the McGraw-Hill , My Math series for Math.  We are into multiplication and all the properties that go with that skill.  We are also drilling our multiplication math facts up to 12.   This is a summary of where we are in math.

Simple Solutions Math;  The students do a Simple Solution page almost daily.  It is practice for them in many math skills.

Science:  We have the Nancy Larson Science series.  We are now studying Botany.  We just took the first test in botany and am now beginning to learn about gymnosperms and angiosperms.  these topics are under the general topic of Examining and Classifying Plants.  

We have a fun school year along with alot of learning.  Come and join us for your th grade year here at St. Paul School.