4th Grade

4th Grade Fun and Adventure


4th grade is filled with many new skills and many review skills.  We review alot with games and fun things to do as a class and as individuals.  Listed below are a few of our curriculum skills that we work on throughout this school year.  

Religion:  We have the Blest Are We Religion series for Catholic Schools.  The First Unit in our books is called The Goodness of God.  This unit touches upon creation, praising and thanking God for who He is for us and beginning the Ten Commandments.  The Second Unit is called Jesus is the Son of God.  The main idea in this unit is Jesus and again we expand on the Commandments and Beatitudes.

Language Arts:  We have the Journeys series for our reading, spelling and grammar.  This year we are beginning with the reading series for literature stories and spelling.  Right now we are on the second story which is about Martin Luther King, Jr.   The spelling words all have a certain spelling which helps us review and get ready for the spelling test.  We are also doing novels as part of our reading series program.  We usually do three or four novels in between the skills in the reading series.  

This year for English we are using Voyages in English.  This series works on writing skills as well as English skills.  So far this year we have worked on sentences and subjects and predicts. 

Math:  We have the McGraw-Hill , My Math series for Math.  We are finishing off the review units that are in the beginning of the book.  In a couple of weeks we are reviewing addition and subtraction and all the rules for those operations.  We will then move right into multiplication and division and how it fits with addition and subtraction.  We do work alot of the multiplication talbes and division tables.  

Simple Solutions Math;  The students do a Simple Solution page almost daily.  It is practice for them in many math skills.  When we are finished with four sheets there is a test over all the skills.  Very good review of many skills.  

Science:  We have the Nancy Larson Science series.  Our first Unit is called Exploring the Characteristics of Cells.  We work alot on plant and animal cells.  They learn the parts of the cells and other very interesting facts about cells.  We look at things under the microscope like a cheek cell and other plants and animals.  The program is very interactive and engaging for the students.

We have a fun school year along with alot of learning.  Come and join us for your child's 4th grade year here at St. Paul School.

Thank you and blessings for you and your family for looking at our school site.