2nd Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!

I am so excited to be a part of your child's journey this year, as we discover what it means to be chosen by God.  Here is a sample of our learning for this quarter:

In Religion, we will learn about the many gifts God has prepared for us through creation and the Sacraments.  We will learn that prayer is our way to talk to God, and that our friends the saints are holy men and women who lived virtuous and loving lives on earth.

In Reading, we will learn about making connections, predictions, and inferences. We will detail the sequence of stories, as well as identify problem and solution.

In Phonics, we will review many first grade skills, such as short and long vowels, blends and digraphs. We will focus on using these skills to improve our spelling.

In Language, we will learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and contractions.  We will focus on writing in complete sentences and the punctuation used with different types of sentences.

In Science, we will study the three states of matter and understand what makes each one different.  We will conduct experiements to help us with our understanding.

In Social Studies, we will learn about citizenship and what makes a community special.