2nd Grade

Fourth Quarter

Spring is such a busy time in 2nd Grade!

In Religion, we are in our final preparations to receive Jesus in the Eucharist! The children have worked so hard and grown so much!

In reading, we will include more complex fiction and non-fiction pieces, as well as chapter books. In writing, we continue to refine our paragraph writing and strive to expand both detail and voice. Saxon Phonics instruction continues to focus on reading and spelling words with digraphs and multi-syllables.  Our spelling lists now have the option of challenge words for those who are mastering the spelling skills quickly.

In Math, we will study money, time, and measurement.  We will learn how multiplication is a form of repeated addition.

In Science, we will complete our unit in Sound and Light and study Ornithology (birds). We are hatching chicken eggs in the classroom!

In Social Studies, we will focus on economics, landforms, and important landmarks in America.

Through it all, we will focus on the virtue of SALVATION, which is our helmet in the Armor of God.  What a joy it has been to watch your children grown in faith this year!