2nd Grade

Third Quarter

It is so hard to believe we have entered the second half of 2nd Grade!

In Religion, we will spend time investigating our church and learning about all the things in it! We also begin an in-depth study of the parts of the mass.  Understanding the mass is so critical to being ready to receive Jesus in the Eucharist this spring! First Eucharist brings your child into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

In reading, we will include more complex fiction and non-fiction pieces, as well as chapter books. In writing, we continue to refine our paragraph writing and strive to expand both detail and voice. Saxon Phonics instruction continues to focus on reading and spelling words with digraphs and multi-syllables.  Our spelling lists now have the option of challenge words for those who are mastering the spelling skills quickly.

In Math, we will learn to subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers with and without regrouping.  We will study Graphs and Tables as well.

In Science, we will complete our unit in Geology and study Forces and Motion.

In Social Studies, we will focus on biographies, and learn about famous men and women who shaped our country.

Through it all, we will focus on the virtue of FAITH, which is our shield in the Armor of God.