A peek at the second quarter in St. Paul kindergarten!




We learn that God made us special, as children of God.  

We learn how to say thank you to God for our blessings.

During this quarter we enter into a special time of the Church, Advent.  We will learn about many saints who's feast days fall within Advent.





This quarter we learn about different animals, including pets.  It is part of our Life Science unit.  

We also begin Physical Science by exploring characteristics of objects; like their appearance, mass, and form.  We will even use tools a scientist uses, like a hand lens.




We continue to investigate numerals up to 12.  Composing and decomposing sets the stage for addition and subtraction.  Our daily calendar helps us practice a variety of math skills everyday!


Reading /Phonics


We learn many book handling skills that help us become good readers.  Our focus while reading will be the characters, setting, and the main problem or solution.  We will learn how to use picture clues to help us understand the story.  We continue to code words and use letter/sound skills to read and sound out words.