A peek at the first quarter in St. Paul kindergarten!




We meet our Faithful Friends that will lead us through our religion book, Stories of God’s Love. We learn about Jesus’s love for us and the story of Creation.  We will begin going to Mass with our 5th grade buddies at the end of September.




What do scientists do?  Scientists use their senses to predict, observe, and record.  We will learn about how our five senses help us as scientists.  We learn about our human body and healthy habits.  The Nancy Larson Science series incorporates science that is relevant to kindergarten–age learners.




We will sort by size, shape and characteristics.  We will also explore the characteristics of 2D shapes and objects in their positions in space.  Our daily calendar helps us practice a variety of math skills everyday!  In addition to our daily calendar and the My Math series, we will begin using Simple Solutions as a daily math practice.


Reading /Phonics


We learn about the author and illustrators as creators of books.  We learn many book handling skills that help us become good readers.  In the first quarter, our focus will be the characters, setting, and the main problem or solution.  In the Saxon Phonics program, we will begin letter and letter sounds, and begin to use a breve as a way to code short vowels.