Second Quarter in Kindergarten!




We will learn that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who loves and takes care of us.  We are His sheep and He loves us!  The Thanksgiving holiday will remind us to say thank you for the many gifts God has given us.  When the season of Advent begins, our focus will be on preparing our hearts for Jesus’s birth.  We will celebrate the many saints and feast days during Advent.




We will begin a physical science unit that will enable us to use science skills to describe characteristics of objects.  We will explore the physical characteristics, the mass, and the states of matter of objects.




We will continue to use our daily calendar to practice many math skills, focusing on graphing skills.  This quarter we will begin early addition and subtraction skills by composing and decomposing groups.




We will read many holiday stories to focus on characters, setting, and the main idea/problem/solution.  We will practice using punctuation while we read and write.  Sounding out CVC words and recognizing Rainbow Words is making us very good readers!