We learn about the Holy Family and how our families are gifts from God.

We learn about the leaders in our church.

We will begin preparing for an important time in our Liturgical year, Lent.


Our reading development is really soaring in the third quarter!  We are practicing sight words from our Rainbow Words lists and sounding out CVC words.  We are learning to use picture clues to help us read.  We are learning that sentences start with capital letters and have ending marks.  The stories we are reading help us sequence events.


We explore 3 dimensional shapes in the third quarter.

Numbers, numbers, numbers!  We will practice counting, writing, and composing and decomposing numbers beyond ten.

Our daily calendar helps us practice many math skills.


We investigate a physical science unit of Force in the third quarter.  Many hands on activities will help us explore push/pull, gravity, and magnetism.