Pre-K 4

Fourth Quarter


Unit 4:  We Continue the Mission of Jesus Christ

The children will follow the teachings of Jesus and the events in His Life.  They will learn that Jesus is Son, Jesus is forgiving, Jesus is risen, Jesus meets His friends again and he cares for us like a good sheperd.


Children will identify the following capital & lower case letters and beginning sounds:   Qq, Uu, Vv, Ll, Jj, Xx

Rhyming Words: 

Begin to write first and last name together

Recognize left to right/ top-to-bottom direction of a book

Recognizes that a book has a title, author, illustrator

Recognizes some basic sight words and reading rebus books


Calendar: Identifies days of week, months of year, weather & seasons

Recognizes one to one correspondence

Count by rote to twenty or higher

Recognizes and creates simple patterns


Observe Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Parts of a Flower