1st Grade

First Quarter

Reading: Students will read fiction and non-fiction texts.  They will identify the characters, setting, main idea, problem and solution, sequence a story, make inference and predictions. 

Phonics: In Phonics, we will review sounds from kindergarten.  We will learn blends, digraphs, and suffixes during the first quarter.

Writing: Students will write in complete sentences.  They will identify and use nouns, verbs, and adjectives in a sentence.  Students will use graphic organizers to write a personal narrative.

Math:  Students will use different strategies to solve addition number sentences.

Social Studies: Students will identify and compare items from the past and present. They will identify the difference between wants and needs and how it can effect their lives.

Religion: Students will identify that they belong to the Catholic Church.  Students will discuss what makes us Catholic.  They will discuss and live like followers of Jesus.