1st Grade

First Quarter

Reading: Students will read fiction and non-fiction texts.  They will identify the characters, setting, main idea, problem and solution, sequence a story, and make predictions. 

Phonics: In Phonics, we will identify, code, read and spell using short and long vowel sounds.

Writing: Students will learn the components needed to write a complete sentence.  Students will identify nouns and verbs.  Students will learn to identify and write using different types of sentences.

Math:  Student will add two or more addends to find a sum.  Students will identify shapes and their attributes.

Social Studies: Students will identify the characteristics of a role model.  They will identify that different places have different sets of rules.  Students will compare the past to the present.  We will learn about bartering and how it was essential in meeting one's needs.

Religion: Students will identify the current liturgical season. Students will identify that they are part of the Catholic Church.  We will identify the parts of Mass and show Reverence.  We will discuss and contribute to being a follower of Jesus.