1st Grade

Third Quarter

Reading: Students will read fiction and non-fiction texts.  They will identify the characters, setting, main idea, problem and solution, sequence a story, identify point of view, make inferences and predictions. 

Phonics: In Phonics, we will identify, code, read and spell using digraphs, combinations, patterns, trigraph, diphthongs, and more.

Writing: Students will write in complete sentences.  They will identify and use nouns, verbs, and adjectives in a sentence.  Students will use the writing process to write a personal narrative, opinion piece, and informational text.

Math:  Students will learn place value, two-digit additon and subtraction, and use graph to collect data.

Social Studies: Students read and make maps.  Students will learn about scarcity and the importance of saving money.  Students will identify good and services and the role of producers and consumers.  We will identify landforms and U.S. symbols.

Religion: Students will identify the current liturgical season. Students will learn and understand the importance of the Eucharist. We will identify the Holy Trinity and roles of the God, Son and Holy Spirit.  We will learn about the season of Lent.