7th Grade

7th Grade PreAlgebra - Fourth Quarter

7th Grade PreAlgebra - Fourth Quarter

Students will:

  • Find the circumference of circles.
  • Solve problems involving circumference.
  • Find areas of circles and use areas of circles to solve problems.
  • Find the area of composite figures and solve problems involving the area of composite figures.
  • Identify three – dimensional figures.
  • Describe and draw vertical, horizontal, and angled cross sections of three – dimensional figures.
  • Find volumes of prisms and composite figures.
  • Find the volumes of circular cylinders and composite figures involving circular cylinders.
  • Write verbal expressions for algebraic expressions.
  • Write algebraic expressions for verbal expressions.
  • Evaluate numerical and algebraic expressions by using the order of operations.
  • Recognize the properties of equality and identity.
  • Recognize the Commutative and Associative Properties.
  • Use the Distributive Property to evaluate or simplify expressions.
  • Solve equations with one variable or two variables.
  • Represent relations and interpret graphs of relations.
  • Determine whether a relation is a function and find function values.
  • Interpret intercepts and symmetry of graphs of functions.
  • Interpret positive, negative, increasing and decreasing behavior, extrema, and end behavior of     graphs of functions.
  • Translate sentences into equations.
  • Translate equations into sentences.
  • Solve equations by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.
  • Solve equations involving more than one operation and involving consecutive integers.
  • Solve equations with the variable on each side.
  • Solve equations involving grouping symbols.
  • Evaluate absolute value expressions.
  • Solve absolute value equations.
  • Compare ratios.
  • Solve proportions.
  • Find the percent of change.
  • Solve problems involving percent of change.
  • Solve equations for given variables.
  • Use formulas to solve real – world problems.
  • Solve mixture problems.
  • Solve uniform motion problems.

Students will be able to answer the following Essential Questions

  • How are two – dimensional figures used to solve problems involving three – dimensional figures?
  • How can mathematical ideas be represented?
  • Why is it helpful to represent the same mathematical idea in different ways?


7th American History

The 7th-grade students are starting off the second quarter learning about the founding of the 13 colonies. They will also dive into material over the tension with Britain and what led to the Revolutionary War. They will examine the birth of America as well as what it was founded upon. 

7th Grade ELA

Vocabulary--Units are completed independently over a 2-week span, with the last day of the second week being a test day. Parts of units are assigned in chunks, and students should be writing due dates for each section in their planners.

English--We are doing an intense review on the usage of commas and other punctuation and using what we have learned in writing. Our next area of study will be verbs.

Literature--Elements of plot and characterization are two areas we will be focusing on during the first quarter. We will be reading a few stories in our literature book before reading a novel.