Sacramental Prep

The students of St. Paul are given the truths of the faith beginning in their early years of formation. Bible stories are shared at each grade level.

The children attend Mass twice a week and Adoration twice a month. Religion class is taught daily and at the forefront of each and every subject. St. Paul's Pastor meets with one class per week to further encourage and support their faith. The saint of the day is shared during morning announcements and focused on throughout the day. Daily a decade of the Rosary is shared together with the entire student body over the morning announcements in the months of October and May. Praise and Worship with Adam Bitter takes place once a semester. A Reconciliation Services take place once a semester.  Children in the second grade thoroughly prepare for their First Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist. Much of this preparation is guided by the Catechesis of the Good Shephered (CGS)Program.

Our middle school children learn in detail both the New and Old Testament of the bible and refer to the Youth Catechism (YouCat) to better understand and defend their faith. Our 8th grade prepares for their Confirmation and learn about the communion of saints.  

Service is important at St. Paul.  Each  grade level chooses to serve a need throughout the year. For example, the 4th graders may choose to visit a nursing home. The 5th grade may choose to pray for the Armed Forces and send them care packages.